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Parkland Bookstore Frequently Asked Questions

Just a tip: The fastest way for you to get your books is to have your schedule ready and to visit us in store.
Please keep this in mind when placing an order the day class starts.

What are your store hours?
We are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5pm. If Parkland College is closed for a holiday, we are also closed for holiday.

Can I order my books for the next semester?
We caution against doing this because books can change between semesters and we don't allow returns made outside of the semester that a book was purchased.

I placed an order x amount of days ago and it's still not ready. What should I do?
If you placed your order the weekend before the start date of class, or the week of the first day of class, please be patient while we process orders.
Due to the high volume of orders, it takes a bit longer to process because we are a team of humans (not robots!) fulfilling these orders by hand.
If it's been longer than a week since you placed your order, please contact us and have your order number and student ID ready.

I ordered a book but it wasn't in my order when I received it.
If you take a look at your receipt/mail order packing list and don't see the book on there, you weren't charged for the item.
The book was removed because it was out of stock and we wanted to speed up your order.
Please feel free to place a new order for the book and it will be fulfilled once the book is in stock.

I placed an order awhile ago and the charge dropped off my bank statement.
Each order has to manually be processed. Orders are done in the sequence that they were placed. It's possible we haven't gotten to your order and the placeholder fell off your account.
You have not been charged for any order until the status of the order says Completed. This is not the case for Financial Aid orders.
Financial Aid orders are processed differently because our system is not compatible with the college software used to process Financial Aid orders.

Do you buy back books? When does Book Buyback happen?
Book buyback is always done during finals week. We don't know what books are accepted until that week begins.
Typically, looseleaf textbooks are not accepted, but it's always worth a shot!

I'm getting a message that says a textbook is unavailable at this time when attempting to purchase a book for a specific course number and section.
You're in luck- no textbook is required when this message comes up.

How do I know what books I need for my classes?
Pull up your schedule on selfserv.parkland.edu and login with your Parkland credentials. Locate the Academics drop down menu on the left-hand sidebar.
Click Student Planning and then Plan & Schedule. Your schedule is on the left side of the reader pane.
Notice the Course (the three abbreviated letters of the class name), the course number (the first number after the course name), and the section number (the numbers and/or letter combination after the course number).
Now that you have your schedule, you can click the Textbook option on the parklandbookstore website and fill out the form accordingly. The section is very important as different sections can have completely different textbooks.

Why can't I return my order after two weeks?
The dates for dropping a class are firm. Our return policy is in alignment with drop dates.
If you have dropped a class and no longer need a textbook, it is your responsibility to ensure your textbook is returned before the two weeks after the class start date is up.
We have this policy in place because textbooks typically have been used for that time and we would have to sell the textbook at a used rate.

I used Financial Aid as a form of payment and placed my order awhile ago and I still haven't received it. What should I do?
You likely don't have any aid in your financial aid account. If this is the case, please contact the Financial Aid office and see what you can do to speed up this process.

Can I purchase clothing or supplies using Financial Aid?
Yes. Please have your physical ID to make purchases. We cannot process your order without your student ID. This is a security precaution for your safety.

How can I contact you if my question wasn't answered?
You can reach us at bookstore@parkland.edu or our phone number at 217.351.2212