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Parkland College Bookstore makes it easy to find the exact textbooks you need for every class. Add your courses to view a list of textbooks and materials as specified by your instructor(s).

  • New books will be automatically substituted at NEW book prices if used are not available. PRICES ARE ESTIMATED and may change without notice. If you REQUIRE being notified of any substitutions and/or price differences prior to billing you MUST indicate it under "Special Shipping Instructions" on the "Shipping Information" page. PLEASE NOTE: This WILL delay your order.
  • Please allow 24 - 48 hours for processing of prepaid orders.
  • Must provide photo I.D. to pick-up order.
  • The system issues a used price for items even if we never carry used of that item. IE: E-books, some textbooks, calculators, safety glasses, workbooks, etc.

If you are having trouble bringing your course up, make sure you have "selected your section" even if there is only one section listed.
Backordered items will be billed and shipped separately; however, you will only be charged the $ 1.00 per book shipping charge as if it were shipped with the original order (does not apply to expedited orders).
Textbook titles and/or editions may change from term to term so please make sure you are looking at/ordering from the correct term.


Please do not purchase Summer textbooks for your Fall classes.
Fall textbooks are still being confirmed with instructors for the Fall schedule.
Summer textbooks might not be the correct textbook for the Fall schedule.

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